Second Life: The Real Game of Capitalism?


Interview with TrannyPet Barmy

In this interview we speak with TrannyPet Barmy, the gifted scripter and alleged griefer who made the Hand of Satan push gun and the DBomber notecard spamming weapon in addition to an advertising broadcasting system during his first incarnation on Second Life. (read here secondlifeheral, January 29, 2006)

TrannyPet Barmy – the creator of the “Hand of Satan”, “DBomber”, and other potentialy TOS violating weaponry has been permabanned. The ban is suspected to be placed due to the “DBomber” object which falls under the “unsolicited spam” and “interfering with a users ability to enjoy the world” sections of the TOS (section 5.1 – (vii), (viii), and (x)) and CS (2 and 3) (The object would send an extroadinary ammount of notecards and/or dialog windows to a targeted user).


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