Anti-furry discrimination

The Metaverse! Do we need a brain-verification for SL accounts?


The mood in Luskwood and Furnation sims – both furry enclaves – was somber tonight, in striking contrast to comments by PETA President Ingrid Newkirk who said, “Stella’s Second Life fur protest is a light-hearted way to draw attention to a very serious issue”. While furries are generally accepted by longtime SL residents, some privately express anti-fur sentiments, and suggest that various criminal elements are over-represented in the furry population – such as underage players and those into extreme role play. Acceptance of the furry community may be less prevalent among the newer real-life-in-second-life partisans, and may account for the unfortunate tone of the planned protest. (secondlifeherald, June 27, 2007)

PeTA co-founder Ingrid Newkirk once said, “Even if animal tests produced a cure for AIDS, we’d be against it.”

“We feel that animals have the same rights as retarded children.” -Alex Pacheco, Director,

“Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughter houses.” -Ingrid Newkirk, President,


17 Responses to “Anti-furry discrimination”

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  7. misato29 Says:

    PeTA is and alway has been stupid. Like one other said, Furries aren’t even real. Plus, I think they are cool. Furries have been around since man almost, they didn’t just appear overnight with the invention of Second Life, and no one has had a problem with them until just recently in the internet age. Furries go way back even earlier than this, but the oldest one I can think of off the top of my head is Anubis, and the Egyptians regarded him as a god, so this hatred of furries is something fairly new, mainly by racially prejiduce people.

  8. Antifurryparanoic Says:

    furries should be arrested and imprisoned for wasting money harming the minds of men women and children and being furfags and being zoophiles! and they are the surest candidates for dying alone

  9. Oliver Says:

    I quote (One of your quotes ^^):
    “We feel that animals have the same rights as retarded children.” -Alex Pacheco, Director,

    My god !
    I’m not used to argue over the net as it is great lost of time, but was a little shocked … I’m sorry for what’s next…

    Anyway, would you people please pay attention to what you’re saying once in a while.

    There’s as much for me to be shocked in this statement as in any other ones implying social, racial or religious discrimination…

    A real pain….

    But, as I must admit people may find those kind of sentences normal, this just lead me to think of the following quote you could use:
    “I feel that stupid people have the same right to be as less idiot ones” – Oliver

    Seriously, better be friend, father, mother, brother, sister or any kind of relative with what you call “retarted children” than hearing of stupid people that can stand for such words….

    Now, just saying:
    “We feel that animals have the same rights as any human being.”
    would be enough to sustain your opinions, and would surely be more effective to support it.

    “retared children”…..
    Hey, “lost adult”, try to think

  10. Misato Says:

    Actually, HIV was invented by the World Health Organization. It’s a man made virus and no one got it by being bitten on the ass by a green ape or any of that crap. That’s just an old rumor and myth. I also agree that Peta is being very hypocritic. I have nothing agains’t furries myself. I kind of like them, and I also agree with the person who said SL was a waste of time. Too bad the furries don’t have much more than SL right now, so just leave them alone.

  11. anne Says:

    im a vampire on second life and iv met one or 2 furries in my 2 years iv been playing SL i have no problems with Furries but i have heard about how a lot of SL residents hate them banning them from sims so the Furries tend to stick o their own sims and that instead of mixing their just another race of pepole on SL same as the vampires Lycans humans nekos saiyans and the Navis the newer race of pepole thaks to the Avatar film but no iv nothing agenst furries

  12. furry friend Says:

    Hey, i’ve recently started researching this phenomenon and its sounds f**king brilliant. I am neither a furry or a second life user nor do i plan to be, i do not however find it slightly offensive or wrong.
    There seem to be a number of reasons why people take enjoyment in belonging to this subgroup from friendship, belonging, giving meaning to our mundane lives, a hobby, experimenting with identities and personalities or purely just for a laugh.
    I think its a great thing. Of course there are a small few that let the team down or extreme role play but really who gives a shit?! at the end of the day, they are all still human and i’m sure they’re fully aware of this. Sexual fantasies are carried out all the time from s&m to group sex. Those who practice extreme role play may not being doing it for the concept of animal sex but as a mask of their individual identity and to adopt a different gender role in their sexual encounters for experimental purposes.

    they are not harming society, lets embrace uniqueness!

  13. jacob nill Says:

    ever sence i was born i felt the need to be different and i’ve never really cared what other people thought about me.
    but yet i had a ton of friends, played sports, had a job, and i lived a normal life.

    i’m not a furry, but just because you concider them different that doesn’t mean that they’re not normal people with real lives.

    it’s almost like being racist. do you know what racist means to me? it means that you get mad or try to avoid them because you don’t know what to expect.

  14. giaguaro Says:

    i love furries. i have to live my furry life separate and in hiding from my wife. i know society feels we are degenerates who failed at “normal” life. but in all honesty i fell into loving this group of people years ago. i have not come across very many “bad furries”, most are very helpful and friendly. anyone who judges based on what they “think” others are like are very sad people inside.

  15. Cedric Cross Says:

    This is very sad to hear… honestly, I’m a secondlife user and a furry. We aren’t bad people. really. we just aren’t. Sure, there’s a vast number of degenerates in our ranks. Wanna know why? Because underneath the fur and scales or whatever you have, we’re still humans, and we are just as you are, negative aspects and all. You expect us to be like animals and have a nature seperate from you. Are you really that unintelligible? Please, I know I’m wasting my time in a neverending war… but you know humes? I only have one thing to say about you, PETA, and any antifurs out there… “Fuck you. We’re having fun and that’s all that matters, not your pathetic opinions of right and wrong. I’ll even say what you want to hear from me if it makes you sleep easier: We are BETTER than you. Happy now?”

  16. Wred Fawks Says:

    “We feel that animals have the same rights as retarded children.” -Alex Pacheco, Director,

    realy. here’s my question…. if peta is all about equal tereatment of all animals….. than why do they bs the bald bipeds known as humans? and what do furries have to do with peta any way? many who do make fursuits use all synthetic materials, so no animals get hurt in their making.

    also, many furries are also vegetarians. many are also against hunting. infact, many furs i know are in fact members of peta. so do your damn research before you go ranting.

    as for second life… it is lame and a waste of time. just like this article.

  17. Silkeyn Says:

    The truth is, for some things to live, something else must die. But human testing would really help (Death row inmates, maybe).

    PS: HIV did come from monkeys (or apes, I forget). It would make sense if the cure came from them too.

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