Second Life, Second Chances?


……. It occurred to me that to live there and change some of the aspects of my life would be such a comforting experience, especially when one gets frustrated by reality. If I lived there, what would I want my life to be like? So many thoughts race through my mind, and all of them seem to point to the same direction: Freedom. To be free from social restrictions and daily annoyances would be great. How about creating ones own work environment where people respect each other’s opinions and where being in charge does not mean it’s an open invitation to exploit employees and insult them?

…….. Sadly, I think the answer is no. What we can do is enjoy a few moments of pure imagination and day dreaming in cyberspace, then we have to land back in the real world and figure out how to make our parts of it as close to that dream as we can. (Abeer Mishkhas, August, 16, 2007)


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