Will the Discrimination Never End?

“Fortunately President Bush has recognized the danger of furries and has spoken out against them:

[Quoting the State of the Union Address]: “America Must Recognize The Value Of Every Life. The President called on Congress to pass legislation to prohibit … creating human-animal hybrids….”

“And furries are completely sick and wrong,” President Bush later added, off the record. “The less said about them the better.” We couldn’t agree more. Well said, Mr. President. We salute you. (slHerald)


 long live furries and freaks!

Furries: A Twisted Freakshow of Utter Depravity

Dealing with Furries: Godhatesfurries


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24 Responses to “Will the Discrimination Never End?”

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  3. jasmine Says:

    Your Fucking sick whats with the furry people thats just fucking wrong you fucking pedophilic bastard. I have one word for you. SICK> SICK> SICK> SICK

  4. tiger Says:

    furries arn’t about sexuality that’s the people who miss use the tittle furry. furries are people who like to express there playful side by dressing up, people who are furries know they are human. its just another way to get away from reality and have some fun just like dressing up for Halloween except its during the rest of the year that’s all nothing more nothing less.
    please don’t just judge people by what the wear get to know them first. you’d be surprised to find out who’s a furrie you never know, your best friend could even be a furrie, even every day people, people you pass in stores, or in the hall, on the road, at the movies, in a restaurant. if a furrie took his/her costume off for just a second and placed in a room of other people would you be able to tell the difference between them? No. please don’t hate furries because they seem different there no different from you or i. Thank you for reading this
    please don’t judge us before you get to know us.

  5. AviRose Says:

    Okay the picture at the top is nothing like a real Furry. Furries are artists! they create characters and put their hard work into making them real and then let them into reality. whats so wrong with that? Its just like cartoon characters. except these people don’t fear being who they are and it is a most beautiful thing. I recently was introduced to Furries and I am beginning to become addicted. I actually am trying to get help in building my own Character. Let the furries alone and worry about your selves. say god will damn me? I am an atheist. so take it and shove it. the bible is against pretty much everything. its pathetic. if “god” truly wanted us to be happy, wouldn’t he allow us to do as we please? I don’t get why people have to discriminate. hell I am 18 years old and I hate that people are like this. its truly sickening that you guys can’t open your minds. well, it is your own life. you control it. but you don’t control anyone Else’s. so don’t try to. don’t hate us for wanting to enjoy life. and its not beastiality! yes, I’ll admit that maybe a good percent are into it. but for the most part its just to have fun and be anyone, anything but yourself for a bit. like stepping into someone Else’s shoes for a bit. you should try it some time. it does wonders :) Furries For Life <3

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  7. _underscore_ Says:

    dunno what this ‘as ter do with furries, but p’raps someone could tell me why that young sheila is touchin that blokes old fella?…ain’t that a’gin the rules?

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  9. Ambulamps Says:


  10. I Rofl At dis sh!t Says:

    Hey fuck bush, god hates furries too… says so in that there “bible” book. you should read it, its a best seller…… LOL

  11. manervic(the real one) Says:

    can i just say i am the real manervic and the one a few posts down is some fake asshole who has stolen and used my name
    manervic is coppyright
    (but yes i the real manervic am a furry)

  12. Cornell Says:

    Well well, looks like I’ve stumbled upon a racist-tinged website…or one infested with coward, computer racists like Interplexer and manervic. Interplexer says Obama is mainly Hebrew. NEWSFLASH…if ANYONE has a black parent (dominant gene), especially the father (the most POWERFUL, dominant gene) they will be MOSTLY black (get out of denial over your desired but scientifically unrealistic superiority – e.g.RECESSIVE GENES!). Manervic – continue to say nigger…but remember to ONLY do it in your head and in front of your coward budddies. You pthetic, cowardly computer racist! Furrism, or whatever you all call this nonsense, is classic bestiality…something that comes natural to “you people”. Bwahahahahaaa!

  13. Interplexer Says:

    Well, I personally like furries, got nothin against them. Some of the Furry anime I’ve seen is pretty Hot. As for Bush he Is a complete Fucknut. Obama on the other hand may actually be the ANTICHRIST! Remember people, he is a hebrew mostly, Not Black.

  14. ... Says:

    the following is a quote
    “I hate Furries too Says: Furries are sexual deviants. Its what happens when you learn sexual attraction for the wrong things. Its creepy as hell, I don’t ever want someone coming near me or my kinds in a damn fur suit. People can learn to like anything, it doesn’t mean that anything you learn to like is good.

    Fuck Obama btw”

    lemme guess you watch to mutch CSI? fkn idiot at least research the people you are hating

  15. manervic Says:

    would any 1 ere bang a girl with a fox tail i know i would

  16. manervic Says:

    well with genetic coning going to be posible soon furrie-human hybrids may become reality…i wouldent mind being half wolf achualy

  17. Sakura Says:

    Bush and all these little Furry haters can go fuck themselves. But I wish that of Sarah palin the most, that wolf murdering bitch needs to be hung. Death to fur haters, bush and palin

  18. I hate Furries too Says:

    Furries are sexual deviants. Its what happens when you learn sexual attraction for the wrong things. Its creepy as hell, I don’t ever want someone coming near me or my kinds in a damn fur suit. People can learn to like anything, it doesn’t mean that anything you learn to like is good.

    Fuck Obama btw

  19. hates furries and perverts Says:

    being a furry is nothing more than an unhealthy sexual dysfunction…

    …by fuckbush’s logic, pedophiles should be left alone and allowed to have their own little villages.

  20. diabloman Says:

    LOL, dont expect people to understand why furries are what they are, i am not a furry, but whos place is it to judge others on their ways, and until we realize that it isnt our place to judge others, we will have war, racism, and just overall predjudice of what we dont understand. i leave you with that thought.

  21. Michigan Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Michigan!!

  22. Broken Says:

    i cant… stop… laughing!!! XD

  23. fuck bush Says:

    OMFG FUCK YOU BUSH and fuck the rest who are against furries. Let us live our fucking lives, you don’t have to live yours like we do but quit being predjudice sons of bitches and go play hide and go fuckyourself good fucking god. FUCK YOU ^^

  24. Silkeyn Says:

    Of course, why would Bush let us play god? Gay marriage is still not legal, and abortion is still fighting it out.

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