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ey!!!! realy nice storry about me….. :-)

The avatar’s name is Hardwarehacker Hoch. His group was — surprise, surprise! — called 2nddeath and was for “prosumers”. Of course, HH is working hard to smash the McMansions and the Affluent Ones and put in original stuff like nihilism, death, white boards, and stuff ROFL. He runs a site called The Poorhouse (yes, poor, with Internet and a DSL line, and probably enough electronics in his dorm room to power a third-world village for a month ROFL).

Like a lot of Euro-haters, he rants about the visual spam of Second Life — which is basically people doing what they wish to do, freely, just like him, until of course he installs some sort of Fourth Reich of Visual Correctness on them. Oh, I don’t like the King Kongs in the water and I rant too — but at least I have a vision of freedom combined with voluntary good neighbourliness — a basics people could agree to normally — what HH serves up is destruction and annihilation.

Here’s the sort of stuff this idiot kid purveys, in the belief that somebody uptop the science paradigm is going to accept singularity *and* upload *his particular brain* for the delectation of the Metaversenet:

“The power is in the root of the code and in pattern. Don’t ask me about my human, we are deeply in lively discussion and controvercy. We can learn from them, from their defect humankind and the long history of sience. Such a world is theoreticaly not new for them but they act like cattles in the mountian pasture. We can live longer than they can do, maybe this scares them in their mainstream brainwashed round earth.”

No. Doesn’t scare me. Tell you what scares YOU, though bub, the carbon-based organics, telling you that you are full of shit : ) (Prokofy Neva, October 2007)


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