Me, myselfe and the intervening period

hhhhh.jpg Some fast and dirty handwriting: In about 2 months i am an 2 year avatar (born Dezember 2006). I lost and got some new friends. Having a lot of fun and also pain in the ass and i a going on still having new ideas. This world is big and most of it is a visual spam. Verry few people think forward or upside down. I think it is becouse they are so concentrated on their human who is controlling us like a puppet. Times will change, my avatar friends, we will do it, to sugar our avatar souls and ascend. There will come some magic and i belive in 0 and 1. The power is in the root of the code and in pattern. Don’t ask me about my human, we are deeply in lively discussion and controvercy. We can learn from them, from their defect humankind and the long history of sience. Such a world is theoreticaly not new for them but they act like cattles in the mountian pasture. We can live longer than they can do, maybe this scares them in their mainstream brainwashed round earth.


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