Alternative viewers

(update May 2011)

Astra Viewer based on Imprudance and Meerkat (goof import/export feature).

Singularity Viewer a new nice viewer also for opensim.

I use often different SL Clients. Kirsten Viewer is a nice one and if you have the right power of the “Grafikkarte” it has shadows AND IS also for macs. The download directory is here. There is also a Cool Viewer (legacy and fast non-Windlight renderer) in town.

(following is an old post from copy & paste & published on: Dec 8, 2007)

Since the viewer source code is released on a regular basis, the official client isn’t the only one out anymore. First there is some incredible work done by Nicolaz “The Mad Patcher “Beresford. All his fixes are going into the jira, and most of them are going to be added to the Linden code base and will make it into future official releases of the viewer. (

The Able Edition works just like the main viewer but with one important extra: visual muting. You can right-click on a parcel or an object and the extra option of “Mute Visibility” will be available in the pie-menu. Select it and the object will be invisible to you, allowing you to photograph a scene without spinning “For Sale” signs ruining the view.

Dale Glass has worked a proximity detector into the client, allowing people to see the names of the avatars that are in the area, how old the avatar is, and whether or not they’ve registered payment information with Linden Lab. (

Alternative viewers SecondLife wiki

The Imprudence Viewer

The goal of Imprudence is to greatly improve the usability of the Viewer through community involvement, thoughtful design, modern development methods, and a pro-change atmosphere.

For more information about the rationale, goals, and methods of the Imprudence project, please see our Manifesto.

Open Metaverse Viewer is a project aimed to package the Second Life(tm)viewer for Linux distributions.

Reborn viewer is a fully-rebuilt multigrid viewer. Fast, stable, secure, and over-simplified. This is the first time we worked with real designers to find “which way would be better” to put something in. In other words, Reborn is like a viewer you already knew, everything is where they have to be. It looks totally normal in the first look, but as you go deeper, you will see that almost everything is unlimited in Reborn Viewer ! Nothing is complicated, nothing is hard. Even a frog* can use it !

I dont tested this viewer, but it sounds great!

Policy on Third-Party Viewers by Linden Lab (read here)

I prefere GreenLife Emerald Viewer for now on, the download ist at


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