NGrid is using a professional hosting service

As a Chief Technology Officer of New Genres Grid i want to introduce our professional 3D hoster Dreamland Metaverse which runs the open source server system Opensimulator. Important to mention that Dreamland Metaverse has a Core Developer of OpenSim in their team. We really love the Drupal CMS front-end to manage the Grid and Regions, like you can see in the following images.

Load & Save for region (.oar) and inevntory (.iar) can be done via the webpage. The personal backup function with 4 slots is also verry helpful if you do wild stuff on your sim.

Every region you own is listed and can be restarted and more, logfiles can be shown too.

For development and hardcore experiments i use my own privat Opensimulator, Diva Distribution and Aurora-Sim running in my computer laboratory. But for a public virtual world, like NGrid it is recommendable to give it in trustable hands like Dreamland Metaverse.


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