Diary and Log

20.Aug 2008, Age (Days) 599

Mosmax Hax my boss and sponsor, founder of Synthetic Academia and Zero Life Machinima production


(15.10.07) no time to make a diary


my best friend in SL, Wolfgeng Hienrich, he is the founder of search + rescue, a horny furry and MiG-29 pilot.




Barbara Binder aka “Babsi” the new kid in town. She strayed to me in my early days this little nasty and funny brat ;-P

[15:39] Maverick Eros: c\n i ask you how old you are please?
[15:40] Barbara Binder: what????
[15:40] Barbara Binder: strange question!!!
[15:40] Maverick Eros: well you mentioned about teen grid if you are under 18 you should not be on here
[15:41] Maverick Eros: well you will tell me how old you are or i will ban you from these lands and report you being under age

[18:17] Hotie Lane: how old are you real life
[18:18] Hotie Lane: excuse me hun lindens is very clear about this hun
[18:19] Hotie Lane: your playing an under age avatar

[18:23] Barbara Binder: we must leav anyway we have left our submarine at the beach

Video: Protest dance against SL delay!

free-jobs.jpg Is thre something 4 free? Ah… jobs! 2L$ for 10 minutes?

my oldest friend, My brother Digital Revolution left Second Life for RL. Rest in peace dude :-)


some GOA/psy party, DJ by Digital Revolution

hanging around and having beer with buddies…

here i should post a image of Elisha Riches, DJ from Seatle

12.02.07 – my new video screen ;)

bigtv_001.jpg thumbnail bigtv_003.jpg

snapshot_002.jpg What is that???

we will see if this is a good idea ?

* born Dezember 2006


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