LS People


Torley Lives


Groups: PN, “patriotic nigras”


[23:42] Mikana Lyne: You have been very polite and I do not wish any animosity. However this is my land and if I choose to make it no entry I am breaking no Linden laws. You have been very patient and kind. However my other neighbor has resorted to harrasment and I had to report him for abuse. I do hope that you will accept my choice.


[15:39] Maverick Eros: c\n i ask you how old you are please?
[15:40] Barbara Binder: what????
[15:40] Barbara Binder: strange question!!!
[15:40] Maverick Eros: how old are you?
[15:40] Maverick Eros: well you mentioned about teen grid if you are under 18 you should not be on here
[15:41] Maverick Eros: well you will tell me how old you are or i will ban you from these lands and report yuou being under age
[15:42] Barbara Binder: realy strange, never anyone ask me that
[15:43] Maverick Eros: i am one of the owners of this land and i have a responsability to make sure i have not got teenagers on the land and are not on sl
[15:46] Maverick Eros: can i ask where your from?


[18:16] Hotie Lane: how old are we rl
[18:16] Barbara Binder: i crasched before
[18:17] Hotie Lane: np happens
[18:17] Hotie Lane: how old are you real life
[18:18] Hotie Lane: excuse me hun lindens is very clear about this hun
[18:19] Hotie Lane: your playing an under age avatar
[18:19] Barbara Binder: i read the comunity stuff
[18:19] Barbara Binder: if some playing animals that ist ugly too?
[18:20] Hotie Lane: did you read the blog about age verification
[18:21] Hotie Lane: hun go to the website
[18:21] Hotie Lane: read the blog
[18:21] Barbara Binder: about avatars?
[18:21] Hotie Lane: about avatars yes
[18:23] Barbara Binder: we must leav anyway we have left our submarine at the beach


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  1. Random T. Says:

    The style of writing is quite familiar to me. Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

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