HHH found this…

May 17, 2008

ey!!!! realy nice storry about me….. :-)

The avatar’s name is Hardwarehacker Hoch. His group was — surprise, surprise! — called 2nddeath and was for “prosumers”. Of course, HH is working hard to smash the McMansions and the Affluent Ones and put in original stuff like nihilism, death, white boards, and stuff ROFL. He runs a site called The Poorhouse (yes, poor, with Internet and a DSL line, and probably enough electronics in his dorm room to power a third-world village for a month ROFL).

Like a lot of Euro-haters, he rants about the visual spam of Second Life — which is basically people doing what they wish to do, freely, just like him, until of course he installs some sort of Fourth Reich of Visual Correctness on them. Oh, I don’t like the King Kongs in the water and I rant too — but at least I have a vision of freedom combined with voluntary good neighbourliness — a basics people could agree to normally — what HH serves up is destruction and annihilation.

Here’s the sort of stuff this idiot kid purveys, in the belief that somebody uptop the science paradigm is going to accept singularity *and* upload *his particular brain* for the delectation of the Metaversenet:

“The power is in the root of the code and in pattern. Don’t ask me about my human, we are deeply in lively discussion and controvercy. We can learn from them, from their defect humankind and the long history of sience. Such a world is theoreticaly not new for them but they act like cattles in the mountian pasture. We can live longer than they can do, maybe this scares them in their mainstream brainwashed round earth.”

No. Doesn’t scare me. Tell you what scares YOU, though bub, the carbon-based organics, telling you that you are full of shit : ) (Prokofy Neva, October 2007)


Virtual Universes Landscape

December 8, 2007


Complete rupture? No, not exactly since most of these universes are evolution from existing services (chats, social networks, maps…). All these virtual universes bring some oxygen to sometimes unappealing concepts by providing new possibilities. But with new opportunities comes a lot of covetousness and build a very competitive environment inside which the most media covered are not the most interesting.

Read more on FredCavazza.net

Will the Discrimination Never End?

November 10, 2007

“Fortunately President Bush has recognized the danger of furries and has spoken out against them:

[Quoting the State of the Union Address]: “America Must Recognize The Value Of Every Life. The President called on Congress to pass legislation to prohibit … creating human-animal hybrids….”

“And furries are completely sick and wrong,” President Bush later added, off the record. “The less said about them the better.” We couldn’t agree more. Well said, Mr. President. We salute you. (slHerald)


 long live furries and freaks!

Furries: A Twisted Freakshow of Utter Depravity

Dealing with Furries: Godhatesfurries

search and rescue

November 6, 2007

“i like to welcome you to search and rescue central. we are the main rescue provider in secondlife, we serve on both mainlands with outposts gridwide. our headquarters are in KLEIN, a culture sim in nothern mainland, where we got our main airport, hangars, and rapair facilites. we are currently looking for pilots and ground personnel in order to keep things running. please IM wolfgeng hienrichs or Hardwarehacker Hoch for details.”

Wolfgeng Hienrichs, s+r flight manager, http://sl-sar.com/

Virtual Learning Environment? Compliant stundents!

September 23, 2007

This is the look of educational metaverse? And some rules are: “XYZ Access Checker (used to be called Classroom) Checks if avatars are supposed to be in the class.”? (September 23, 200)

“Bildungspark” 2010, nothing changed, no fiktion. juts what we know from RL. compliant stundents. quiet citizen.

Authenticate, Locate, Log, Prosecute – Control!

Second Life, Second Chances?

August 18, 2007


……. It occurred to me that to live there and change some of the aspects of my life would be such a comforting experience, especially when one gets frustrated by reality. If I lived there, what would I want my life to be like? So many thoughts race through my mind, and all of them seem to point to the same direction: Freedom. To be free from social restrictions and daily annoyances would be great. How about creating ones own work environment where people respect each other’s opinions and where being in charge does not mean it’s an open invitation to exploit employees and insult them?

…….. Sadly, I think the answer is no. What we can do is enjoy a few moments of pure imagination and day dreaming in cyberspace, then we have to land back in the real world and figure out how to make our parts of it as close to that dream as we can. (Abeer Mishkhas, August, 16, 2007)

Anti-furry discrimination

June 28, 2007

The Metaverse! Do we need a brain-verification for SL accounts?


The mood in Luskwood and Furnation sims – both furry enclaves – was somber tonight, in striking contrast to comments by PETA President Ingrid Newkirk who said, “Stella’s Second Life fur protest is a light-hearted way to draw attention to a very serious issue”. While furries are generally accepted by longtime SL residents, some privately express anti-fur sentiments, and suggest that various criminal elements are over-represented in the furry population – such as underage players and those into extreme role play. Acceptance of the furry community may be less prevalent among the newer real-life-in-second-life partisans, and may account for the unfortunate tone of the planned protest. (secondlifeherald, June 27, 2007)

PeTA co-founder Ingrid Newkirk once said, “Even if animal tests produced a cure for AIDS, we’d be against it.”

“We feel that animals have the same rights as retarded children.” -Alex Pacheco, Director, PeTA.org

“Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughter houses.” -Ingrid Newkirk, President, PeTA.org

Second Life: The Real Game of Capitalism?

June 5, 2007


Interview with TrannyPet Barmy

In this interview we speak with TrannyPet Barmy, the gifted scripter and alleged griefer who made the Hand of Satan push gun and the DBomber notecard spamming weapon in addition to an advertising broadcasting system during his first incarnation on Second Life. (read here secondlifeheral, January 29, 2006)

TrannyPet Barmy – the creator of the “Hand of Satan”, “DBomber”, and other potentialy TOS violating weaponry has been permabanned. The ban is suspected to be placed due to the “DBomber” object which falls under the “unsolicited spam” and “interfering with a users ability to enjoy the world” sections of the TOS (section 5.1 – (vii), (viii), and (x)) and CS (2 and 3) (The object would send an extroadinary ammount of notecards and/or dialog windows to a targeted user).


Who wants to marry me?

May 22, 2007


My name is Hardwarehacker Hoch and i am thinking of an marriage. I can give you affluence and a bird’s nest if you do the rest. I am impoten, so our relationship can not to be based on sex!!! Sorry! I am doing “kinetic sculptures” and other nutter stuff. My set of belief is the “3rd Life Church”, which means that i don´t faith in humans. I have a mental problem: this is the human who is controlling me. We should not talk about this. EVER! But we can talk about humans. I am an SL artist so i have not a lot of L$, but i promise that you will not suffer on “digital hunger” and i am broad. I am dyslexic, working on it – and goodle said dyslexic are verry kindly ;-)

Me, myselve and I are waiting for you!

IM me a Notecard with your résumé, including a image would be nice.

Sculpted Prims

April 28, 2007

Q: What is a sculpted prim?

A: A “sculpted prim” is a prim whose shape is determined by a texture – its “sculpt texture”. Sculpted prims can create organic shapes that are not currently possible with Second Life’s prim system. (wiki.secondlife) – Video

February 13, 2007

10891_1.jpg Chat Parsite, The ULTIMATE Chat Bug and Relay Object* Version 2.0 is out! Featuring the ability to intelligently FOLLOW a specified avatar this object will then IM back to the owner ALL chat heard by and around that avatar! Just say: “/1 follow firstname lastname” where firstname and lastname is the full name of an avatar within 180 meters and the Chat Parasite is ready to feed! (slboutique)

SL mobile phones

February 12, 2007

comverse-remote-gaming.jpg The software was developed over the last six months, well before the open-sourcing of the Second Life client, and relies on using a separate PC or server as an intermediary. Comverse, which plans to demonstrate the products at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona next week, has also created an application that allows Second Life to run on IPTV platforms.

(by Adam Reuters, Thu Feb 8, 2007)

LandBots Bought First Linden Land

February 3, 2007


Yes, you’re heard of CopyBot, CampBot, and SheepBot: now welcome LandBot into the pantheon of libsecondlife reverse-engineered features that are enhancing your Second Life. (January 29, 2007)

Second Life Was First a Belgian Band

January 29, 2007

released only one album (Who Cares) on Fleet Records in 1980.

(gramo`s world)

Second Life Statistics

January 15, 2007


SL Stats allows you to see how much time you spend in Second Life using a small attachment that your avatar can wear.