July 7, 2012

This site will move soon to another place, i will update this one with a link to the new location.


This System is not dead. And so am I.

July 6, 2012

I will not blog so much new posts, but updating already done one, or sorting them. Naturally i am NOT DEAD. This image is from OSGrid where i “was” Hack Hoch.

I changed to New Genres Grid where my intension is mentoring and stuff. Last but not least myselfe became CTO of NGrid.


July 5, 2012

NGrid is using a professional hosting service

November 4, 2011

As a Chief Technology Officer of New Genres Grid i want to introduce our professional 3D hoster Dreamland Metaverse which runs the open source server system Opensimulator. Important to mention that Dreamland Metaverse has a Core Developer of OpenSim in their team. We really love the Drupal CMS front-end to manage the Grid and Regions, like you can see in the following images.

Load & Save for region (.oar) and inevntory (.iar) can be done via the webpage. The personal backup function with 4 slots is also verry helpful if you do wild stuff on your sim.

Every region you own is listed and can be restarted and more, logfiles can be shown too.

For development and hardcore experiments i use my own privat Opensimulator, Diva Distribution and Aurora-Sim running in my computer laboratory. But for a public virtual world, like NGrid it is recommendable to give it in trustable hands like Dreamland Metaverse.


October 5, 2011

Aurora-Sim is the next generation of the OpenSimulator Project. Aurora-Sim allows you to run large scale operation and extend it as needed, while still having many features available for your use.

  Had no time to test it now, but sounds interesting ;-)

Virtual Opensim

April 9, 2011

There is some magic that Opensim on USB stick (sim-on-a-stick) never worked for me, even if i did the package ond the harddisk….(?). I could have a deeper look into it but as it is just for windows ist useless for me. So some “dirty” solusion is to use Virtualbox (MacOSX/Windows/Linux). It works verry well, setting ubuntu and when the virtual server is booting the /opensim/bin/OpenSim.exe is started in /etc/rc.locale and with Imprudence i connect to this virtual linux on my local computer.

Some other test where made to have a Linux Boots CD where opensim server starts and Gnome desktop environment which fires up Imprudance paralell, for now as a Proof of Concept.

Alternative viewers

April 8, 2011

(update May 2011)

Astra Viewer based on Imprudance and Meerkat (goof import/export feature).

Singularity Viewer a new nice viewer also for opensim.

I use often different SL Clients. Kirsten Viewer is a nice one and if you have the right power of the “Grafikkarte” it has shadows AND IS also for macs. The download directory is here. There is also a Cool Viewer (legacy and fast non-Windlight renderer) in town.

(following is an old post from copy & paste & published on: Dec 8, 2007)

Since the viewer source code is released on a regular basis, the official client isn’t the only one out anymore. First there is some incredible work done by Nicolaz “The Mad Patcher “Beresford. All his fixes are going into the jira, and most of them are going to be added to the Linden code base and will make it into future official releases of the viewer. (

The Able Edition works just like the main viewer but with one important extra: visual muting. You can right-click on a parcel or an object and the extra option of “Mute Visibility” will be available in the pie-menu. Select it and the object will be invisible to you, allowing you to photograph a scene without spinning “For Sale” signs ruining the view.

Dale Glass has worked a proximity detector into the client, allowing people to see the names of the avatars that are in the area, how old the avatar is, and whether or not they’ve registered payment information with Linden Lab. (

Alternative viewers SecondLife wiki

The Imprudence Viewer

The goal of Imprudence is to greatly improve the usability of the Viewer through community involvement, thoughtful design, modern development methods, and a pro-change atmosphere.

For more information about the rationale, goals, and methods of the Imprudence project, please see our Manifesto.

Open Metaverse Viewer is a project aimed to package the Second Life(tm)viewer for Linux distributions.

Reborn viewer is a fully-rebuilt multigrid viewer. Fast, stable, secure, and over-simplified. This is the first time we worked with real designers to find “which way would be better” to put something in. In other words, Reborn is like a viewer you already knew, everything is where they have to be. It looks totally normal in the first look, but as you go deeper, you will see that almost everything is unlimited in Reborn Viewer ! Nothing is complicated, nothing is hard. Even a frog* can use it !

I dont tested this viewer, but it sounds great!

Policy on Third-Party Viewers by Linden Lab (read here)

I prefere GreenLife Emerald Viewer for now on, the download ist at

Animations using the Kinect & unsorted

April 3, 2011

i wanna try this, soon ;-)

oh, and bot-testing would be also usefulll-grrr

Hypergrid (Grids)

August 15, 2010

What is OpenSimulator?

August 14, 2010

OpenSimulator is a 3D Application Server. It can be used to create a 3D Virtual World (ala Second Life(tm)), and includes facilities for creating custom avatars, chatting with others in the environment, building 3D content in world, and creating complex 3D applications in world. OpenSimulator can also be extended via loadable modules or web service interfaces to build more custom 3D Applications. OpenSimulator is released under a BSD License, making it both open source, and commercially friendly to embed in products.

Search Grid_List or lets have a look at as an example ;) or and others Avalon (didnt check that yet)

The Diva Opensim
Easy opensim installation and the Download link and the installation.

Wifi – A Simple Account Management Front-end

Download Assets and SIMs and Stuff or OpensimWorlds


The OpenSim Hypergrid

The hypergrid is an extension to opensim that allows you to link your opensim to other opensims on the internet, and that supports seamless agent transfers among those opensims. It can be used both in standalone mode and in grid mode. The hypergrid is effectively supporting the emergence of a Web of virtual worlds.

(old news October 2008)
PFFFFFFF! Have no time for this play. The windo$ client gives a Microschrot error and on Mac also no phun ;(

July 2010 Opensimulator works perfect, I LOVE IT!

2D Client

May 10, 2009

Radegast Metaverse Client

Lightweight client for connecting to Second Life and OpenSim based virtual worlds

OMVViewer-light is a text only client for 3D metaverses.


METAbolt is a Linden Lab approved 3rd Party Text Client and is not provided or supported by Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life.

Radikaler Konstruktivismus

December 2, 2008

in some weeks and i am 2 years old. what changed? my stepbrother Adolf Svoboda jumed out of an egg. i mean he is my brother, verry comlicated storry i must go on and research this. he is a little boneheaded but i love him.

…and some me-myselfe-and-i cloning ;)

Me, myselfe and the intervening period

October 18, 2008

hhhhh.jpg Some fast and dirty handwriting: In about 2 months i am an 2 year avatar (born Dezember 2006). I lost and got some new friends. Having a lot of fun and also pain in the ass and i a going on still having new ideas. This world is big and most of it is a visual spam. Verry few people think forward or upside down. I think it is becouse they are so concentrated on their human who is controlling us like a puppet. Times will change, my avatar friends, we will do it, to sugar our avatar souls and ascend. There will come some magic and i belive in 0 and 1. The power is in the root of the code and in pattern. Don’t ask me about my human, we are deeply in lively discussion and controvercy. We can learn from them, from their defect humankind and the long history of sience. Such a world is theoreticaly not new for them but they act like cattles in the mountian pasture. We can live longer than they can do, maybe this scares them in their mainstream brainwashed round earth.

Second Life Mobile u.s.w.

August 30, 2008
Some mobile clients i stumble across: Vollee mobile access to World of Second Life. With the ajaxlife (Second Life in the Firefox Browser) you can set up your own server, is down so i am trying now – hope i have luck :-9

Peep-bo! metaversus

July 19, 2008

Had a look into other metaverse: twinity, HipiHi and TribalNet.

I have a apartment at, verry focused on the human world, associated on cities and countries in Real Life. It is in a beta stage, so there are not many avatars inside and the strange thing was that the few you meet there dont talk or is it becouse of me ;-P

My visite to metaverse, ok it was “nice”, i will come back in some years :-P

A little moonsick and struggling around with chinesä letters.

And could be an option to play around if there is time. Me there as Ruth.